Video: Bolehills Forever.

Bolehills Forever. – YouTube. Sweet little edit from the Bolehills crew!

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Dig day – Saturday 11th May 2013

Plans are being made for a dig day on Saturday 11th May 2013 to fix up the last berm and do some more resurfacing on the rest of the track, stay tuned for more updates!


We now have a whacker plate and 20 tones of surfacing on order for the dig day, get stoked!

UPDATE 2: Get stoked! the 20 tons of fresh surfacing has arrived and we have the whacker plate! Conditions are prime for digging and a BBQ will be available to everyone that digs! You are more than welcome to bring anyone along as we have a lot of dirt to move in a day so the more, the merrier. Cheers, Bolehills Crew

Grab your shovels!

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Machotaildrop Manwolfs @Bolehills!

After and awesome night at the Machotaildrop night by ThisIsSheffield snowy fun was had with an ‘Ardcore ‘Ardtails round of Nick Hamilton’s Mate Races series. Check out the video below filmed by the legend that is Alex Rankin:

You can check out more in Nicks article over on the Dirt Website and also in Dirt #122!

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A great little twitter based flash mob of riders and lights and darkness hits Bolehills.

Photos courtesy of Rich Baybutt and Phil Reed.

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2011 Final Standings

After an exciting years racing in the Bolehills World Pumptrack Series the final standings are now up!

Image courtesy of Phil Reed -

Congratulations to this years champions:

Freddie Oxley – 17+
Marco Wood-Bonelli – 12-16
Jake Monk – 11-Under

Top job!

Full standings here and a writeup soon.

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