The Track

Bolehills is one of a kind.

Bolehills Track

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Bolehills Track
Back Straight 3rd Straight 1st Straight 4th Straight Pumptrack

Back Straight


A large set of 4 jumps - rollable but best jumped, with Pro lips on 1st 2nd and 3rd jumps.

3rd Straight


Steep dipped rollers and a final triple make this straight great for practicing manuals and progressing to jumping

1st Straight


The first straight is great to roll through but needs strong pedalling to make it up the first jump. The 5th jump can be used as a flyout, a start point for backstraight or a jump all on it's own!

4th Straight


This straight is split into two lines - the inside line is a small set of tables which is great to roll through or jump. The outside line is rollers that can be rolled or doubled!



The pumptrack is the gentlest start to Bolehills - self contained from the rest of the trakc it offers a place for balance bikes and smaller children to ride, and progress pumping skills before taking on the main trac


Full size BMX track with jumps ranging from small and mellow all the way up to trails. Inner pumptrack with loads of tight rollers and berms for balance bikes all the way up to professional riders. The perfect skill honing facility. The backset is the iconic set of jumps at Bolehills: progressive, steep, they are rollable by all and boosted by many.

Bikes of all wheel sizes and Balance Bikes welcome.

NO Scooters /Skateboards / Loose children /Dogs –  they don’t do our track surface any good, forming holes  & ruts which we have to fix by hand, as well as being unsafe for riders.


We hold our Helltrack event annually, a BMX Jam designed to get everyone riding the track with some tunes along the way.

Maintained by a core group, the Sheffield Dirt Society, we keep things running sweet with a tight budget. Keep an eye out on the Facebook for track improvements, dig days & events.