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Bolehills is the only BMX track of it’s size in Sheffield and surrounding area. It was built in 1983 and has created a long legacy as the best BMX track in Sheffield ever since.

Maintained exclusively by volunteers, the layout has been largely the same since 2010. We’re looking to dramatically change this to offer a high quality track the Outdoor City deserves.

Bolehills Improvements 2020 – 2021

We are looking to secure funding towards improvements to the track to offer better:




Bike Track, a BMX track building company have quoted against improvements. This will be supported with Volunteer efforts

Plan to make use of unused derelict space created by prior work within confines of track boundary.

  • ~ Topsoil/Subsoil imported as required to site by 20ton tipper truck
  • ~£2000 of fundraising needed
  • Work to commence January 2021– March 2021
  • Volunteer led work with hand tools only

Pumptrack extension

  • This area of the track is used by younger riders and provides a great introduction to the sport. We want to extend this area.
  • Building with dirt makes the improvements

  a)  Cheaper to acquire materials

  b)  Easier and cheaper to tweak the track to enable a safe and smooth ride

  c)  Easier and cheaper maintenance

  • To increase biodiversity we will be spreading wildflower seed in the unused areas

We are looking to secure funding for improvement & expansion:

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The more funds we have the more changes can be made outside of volunteer efforts.

Work is hoping to be scheduled for early 2021