Bolehills Pump Track World Series Round 3

Ta all for an ace race once again! Here’s a few words courtesy of current 17+ series leader Dave Camus:

The sun was out, the track was freshly dug and primed, and the excitement of racing was in the air. It could only mean 1 thing- the Bolehills Pumptrack world champs round 3 was on!

Owen, Freddie and Spencer’s efforts has seen a new inside line be created- with a straight line of moto whoops designed for maximum speed and creativity. With the Taylor family away on Fort William duty, the field was wide open in all categories, especially with a 2 way tie for 2nd in the overall standings in the 12-16 category.

11 and under

With the Monk twins away, here was a chance for the other guys to earn some points. Joe Williams put storming runs in to walk away with 3rd place, and his brother Oliver Williams just pipping him to the post to get 2nd. Charlie was pinned and fast as always and came home with his first win of the series, after 2 consecutive 3rds.


With a 2 way tie for 2nd between rivals Josh Malone and Seabass in the overall standings, this could be one of the races to watch- unfortunately Josh couldn’t hold it together and some cheeky pedal strokes earned him nothing but an early bath. Surprise 3rd place went to Joe Camus aboard his hefty Dartmoor Hornet freeride hardtail- some slick tyres on that bike and that boy could go steps higher on the podium! Seabass came in 2nd after narrowly being beaten by Marco Wood-Bonelli, who gains a 3rd win on the trot, and retains the series leader Jersey.


The racing is always tight in the top category, and today’s was no exception! Chris Moonbay smashed a 11.48 top qualifying time, with Freddie close behind with a 12.20. This good form continued until semis- Moonbay being knocked out by Dave Camus and getting a respectable 3rd place. The final was a classic Dave-Freddie final, and was close and fast as always, with Freddie taking his first win of the series.

Thanks to Owen Robertson and Malco for putting this all together, a big shout out to Neil Cousins from Charge Bikes for the prizes and for everyone competing. See you at Round 4 on the 16th July!

Bolehills Pump Track Word Series Round 1

Well, that’s round 1 done and dusted and what an awesome awesome day! Blue skies and dusty berms, what better way to see us into the 2011 season.

Photo courtest of Tom Kahler

Top results of the day and now series leaders were Dave Camus taking the 17+ win, Marco Wood-Bonelli the 12-16s and Sam Taylor the under 11s.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Kahler

Thanks to everyone involved and everyone who raced for making it all happen, full results and writeup soon.

Roll On Summer!

First off, the dig weekend…

Absolutely amazing work by everyone still can’t believe we got so much done in two days. The main track is running sweet (I tested it last night) and just needs riding in before we sweep it down so watch out, it’s pretty loose.

Thanks to Steve Taylor for the loan of the Whacker and a special thanks to the girls who spent their evenings last week baking the awesome cakes you all bought and scoffed, between them they managed to raise nearly all the funds needed to cover the cost of the surface which is amazing!


Keep an eye out for the upcoming Bolehills World Pumptrack Series 2011 which we will be announcing soon, Dave and co are working on the loops and it’s going to be kick ass. There will also be various BBQ’s, Dirt Jump Jams and special events happening throughout the year so keep your fingers on the pulse.


A huge amount of litter was picked up over the weekend and the track is looking pretty tidy so if you see anything blowing around pick it up and bin it. If you see anyone littering or leaving empty bottles etc tell them to pick them up and bin it. It’s everyone’s track so people should have some pride in it.


Yes, there will be more T’s Stickers and Hoody’s coming soon!