Big Dig Day – 4th Straight

What a day – thanks so much to all people that turned up and lifted a shovel, pushed a barrow or did some mattocking.


The track changes have been hardcored but not yet surfaced – please keep off them for now. Surfacing will be laid on

TUESDAY 1ST MAY 5.30 -8.30PM



The 4th straight has massively changed. Gone is the stepup, and replaced with one side a progressively bigger table line, the other with a bigger double-triple-double line. Progressive and hopefully something for all ages and all abilities on all types of bike! Feedback is encouraged so please let us know how we can improve!

On 1st straight, the 5th jump has been made a tabletop for flyout tricks and more space for runnig into the backset, as well as a more progressive ‘bigger’ jump.

The aim of all the changes is to provide jumps to build up to riding the backset. Before there was a huge jump at the track from doing the smaller stuff to the biggerdoubles. This shoudl ease progression and give the tracvk a new lease of life. I’m really excited for you all to enjoy it!



Bolehills x