Bolehills BMX Update

Okay so it’s been a while since a blog post and some communication from the pages about upcoming events, the track revamp, and plans for the future.

Bolehills Big Revamp

We completed the ‘Bolehills Big Revamp’ in May this year thanks to loads of help from Bike Track and a few select volunteers and committee members. There was a load of graft went in, and people gave up a whole week off work working 12 hour+ days every day to get it all finished within the timescale. Thanks to a load of guys that helped out on the weekend to finish off, and Jordan and Steve for being so pivotal in the project.

We have had some really positive feedback on the track, but also room for improvement and some questions so wanted to address that here

Kids Pumptrack

It was a key note on the Bolehills Big Revamp that we would have a kids pumptrack installed as part of the works. It was something we fundamentally ran out of dirt for, and time. We used the time we had to create a load of space for the pumptrack to eventually sit in, so that’s next years project. We’ll be working with Bike Track to get a load of fresh dirt in and we can begin to create something really special so look out for dig days early next year to get that rolling.

Backset Lips

With a load of new surface on and lots of rain, it’s caused us a load of issues this year and many weeks spent rebuilding the backset takeoffs (must have been at least 4 times!) Thankfully we have a technique dialled in and this seems to have been solved, opening up more time to work on the rest of the track this winter. A few people have expressed concerns around how they ride and the size they’re getting now, so part of the next phase of the plan will be making a really fun smaller ridearound feature for the backset that links back into the main track. Keep your eyes open for that.


Big thanks to Hannah Saville who spent a lot of time strimming the whole track, which took her a week! It’s looking loads better and compliments the new rebuild.


Due to some tree thinning during the works, we will be working forward to plant some more trees at the boundary between the first straight and woods at the side of the track to protect the badgers in the woodland there on the 19th October so watch out for a facebook event for that.

Steep start hill

We’ve had requests to put some steps in the start hill to make it easier to walk to the top from the field side. We will be cutting some steps in shortly on the dig day on the 19th to get this sorted. The original plan was to get more dirt in over the summer and slacken off the steepness of the side but that hasn’t materialised due to other commitments and issues we’ve seen after the build.

Helltrack Cancelled 2019 – looking forward to 2020

We were all primed for Helltrack this year at the end of August, but due a last minute backout of our insurers for the event, it meant we couldn’t hold it this year. We’ll be working to find new insurers for our event – if anyone has any contacts or knowledge please get in touch and we will be back and bigger than ever next year!

Peatys Bike Bonanza

We will again be having a stand at Peatys Bike Bonanza on Sunday 17th November, with loads fo T shrits and Stickers to sell, so come on down and have a chat about our latest and greatest plans, and help us raise some money for the track.



Keep an eye out on our facebook and instagram for upcoming events, we’ll be working hard over the winter to make sure Bolehills is alive and kicking for next year.


Cheers, and Bolehills Forever.